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  • Computer

    It‘s a late 2013 27-inch iMac, running a 3,5GHz i7, 32GB of RAM, GTX 775M 2GB graphics card and a 1GB SSD. Great workhorse for running Adobe's Photoshop.


    My good old Wacom Intuos 3. My parents bought it to me for probably a fortune back in 2005 and I‘m still grateful for it to this date. After all the years it‘s still running like a champ.


    These Bose speakers are as old as I am (well maybe not) but wonderful as can be.

  • Notebook

    Whenever an idea hits me I need to write or draw it down. I went through many notebooks but now settled on this Baron Fig Confidant. Easily my favourite that I keep near me at all times whether I‘m at home or travelling.


    My most recent and best purchase are these BeoPlay H5s by Bang & Olufsen. Great sound, beautiful design and most importantly very comfortable for the long hours of illustration.