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The Originals

The Originals collection features the world’s most iconic cars and celebrates these timeless designs with simple illustrations allowing them to speak for themselves. A must-have for any auto enthusiast, the Originals collection is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in collecting modern automotive art.

The Monochromes

The Originals have been remastered, producing absolutely stunning monochrome prints with great contrast and very rich, black tones. Strip away all of the color and you’ll see a simple elegance that has made these cars simply unforgettable. Enjoy every line and every angle of these classic designs as you see each of them in a whole new light.

  • New car prints are up in Roman's room! Thanks Petrolified!

    Marc, United States


  • The posters from Petrolified are up and they look amazing in my bedroom!

    Santi, Spain


  • What can I say? What an amazing store you have!

    I can't express in words how happy I am. I'm going to recommend your store every time I get the chance.

    Eugen, Germany

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