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quick question, how do you stay motivated and how do you get your self out there, i keep wanting to create more and more posters but cant find any motivation?

Asked by locotortuga

I go through hard times just as well… Contemplating whether it’s actually worth it or not…

But then, once you look back, see the progress you’ve made and hear all the positive feedback from the good chaps out there that do like it and want more keeps me very happy (and motivated) indeed.

How do I get out there? Make yourself a cup of coffee, put your headphones on so that nothing distracts you, browse web for some inspiration and just do it.

I would love to purchase a print of the Hakosuka thats on the banner on your blog. Where can I do so?

Asked by bromax69

Hey there, unfortunately it’s not available as of yet. Still working on the website and full collection.